We are New Zealand’s official export credit agency and our purpose is to support New Zealand exports and the internationalisation of its exporters through the provision of trade credit insurance and financial guarantees.

We complement and work in partnership with the private sector, and apply risk-weighted premiums and fees for our products and services.

We are located in The Treasury, as part of its Financial Operations division.  We have an experienced team with specialist skills in corporate banking, trade finance, risk management and credit analysis.

Our financial guarantees and insurance policies are fully backed by the New Zealand Government through the Minister of Finance.  The maximum aggregate liability under the scheme is NZD $740 million.

One important pre-condition for NZECO support is that there are New Zealand economic benefits arising from the underlying exports.  These economic benefits may be demonstrated through:

  • the nature and value of the goods or services provided within New Zealand, either solely or in conjunction with other New Zealand residents including expenditure on materials (excluding customs, excise/duties, imports), labour, overheads, and marketing cost elements,
  • services delivered by New Zealanders employed or contracted offshore;
  • the level of New Zealand intellectual property in the transaction; and
  • profit derived from the transaction that will be repatriated back to New Zealand.

To find out more about NZECO and how we can assist you, please call one of our business originators or email us:

Phone +64 4 917 6060
Email nzeco@treasury.govt.nz


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