About This Site

Information on this web site's finding aids such as search and the sitemap and on its accessibility features.

Finding Aids

The NZECO site has a number of finding aids that can assist users of the site to find material.

The Sitemap is a list of the key pages of this web site; it shows the left-hand navigation menu expanded. You can scan the list of page titles and link directly to that page.

Advanced Search allows you to enter search terms (words) using AND and OR, if desired, to search for combinations of words. Advanced Search also allows you to limit your search to content added or modified on this site within certain timeframes e.g. since yesterday, last week, last month, last year.

See Accessibility for information on this site's accessibility features, in particular the access keys in use on this web site.

Contact the Web Sites Manager

If you are experiencing any issues while using this web site you may contact the Web Site Manager for assistance.

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