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Country information updated 28 Nov 2014
Page updated 16 Feb 2012

The following list of African countries shows their country risk classification and the New Zealand Export Credit Office (NZECO)’s indicative level of cover, for credit exceeding one year.

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Country Information for Africa
Country Risk Rating Cover Status
Algeria 3 Limited Cover
Angola 5 Limited Cover
Benin 7 Limited Cover
Botswana 2 On Cover
Cameroon 6 Limited Cover
Cape Verde 6 Limited Cover
Chad 7 Normally Off Cover
Congo, Dem. Rep 7 Normally Off Cover
Djibouti 7 Limited Cover
Egypt 6 Limited Cover
Ethiopia 7 Normally Off Cover
Gabon 5 On Cover
Ghana 5 Limited Cover
Guinea 7 Normally Off Cover
Kenya 6 Limited Cover
Lesotho 5 Limited Cover
Libya 7 Off Cover
Madagascar 7 Limited Cover
Malawi 7 Normally Off Cover
Mali 7 Limited Cover
Mauritius 3 On Cover
Morocco 3 On Cover
Mozambique 6 Limited Cover
Namibia 3 On Cover
Nigeria 5 Limited Cover
Rwanda 7 Normally Off Cover
Senegal 6 Limited Cover
Somalia  7 Normally Off Cover
South Africa
Exporter Guide
3 On Cover
Sudan 7 Limited Cover
Swaziland 6 Limited Cover
Tanzania 6 Limited Cover
Tunisia 4 On Cover
Uganda 6 Limited Cover
Zambia 5 Limited Cover
Zimbabwe 7 Normally Off Cover


Risk Rating
Each country is rated by the OECD on a scale from 0 to 7; with 0 for low financial risk and 7 for high financial risk. Ratings may change.
Status Cover Status "Limited Cover" signifies that the export transaction will have to satisfy more stringent conditions in the NZECO's risk assessment for the NZECO to guarantee it. For example, to offset the increased risk, the NZECO may demand a higher level of risk participation sharing, may charge a higher premium, or may require collateral of some type. In the worst case, the NZECO may refrain from accepting the application.

This Country Cover information describes the Export Credit Office's guiding cover-policy at the time of issue. The information does not necessarily reflect the present possibilities for cover. Before acting on the background of this material, the company/bank is requested to obtain further information from the NZECO.

If the country you are looking for is not on the list, contact the NZECO office.

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